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Dread Skeeter of Mosquito Squad of Mt. Laurel says "I do" to mosquito control on your wedding day.

Dread Skeeter of Mosquito Squad of Mt. Laurel says "I do" to mosquito control on your wedding day.

When you look back over the picture book of life’s memories that play over in your mind, what are the memorable moments you remember? By far, your wedding day is one of the single most cherished memories you will carry with you until the end of eternity. Months of planning, selecting, menus, and guest lists are enough to make even the most adept bride-to-be dizzy. With all this preparation and having every “i” dotted and every “t” crossed, did you remember to take care of the mosquito control?


Keep your outdoor event safe and special with mosquito control from Mosquito Squad of Mt. Laurel

Many weddings held in the mild months of spring through autumn are held outdoors. Taking advantage of the endless backdrop of beauty only mother nature can provide is a choice many couple are making on the first day of their lives together as one. Naturally, insect control is a necessity for the comfort and safety of you, your wedding party and your guests. All of us have been to an amazing event where that one little thing has ruined the whole occasion, and in the case of a wedding, a few mosquitoes can ruin that special day. Imagine the photographer trying to take a wedding party photo on the grass under a lovely cherry tree, with its blooms wafting on the wind,  only to lose sight of his best shot while trying to slap off the mosquitoes. Maybe it is the muffled out sound of your carefully written wedding vows by a crying child on the 2nd row who was just bitten by a mosquito. Unfortunately, this scenario is realistic if no one remembered to take care of the mosquito control for the perimeter prior to your wedding day. Mosquitoes and ticks as well, are vectors of insect-borne illnesses and diseases such as West Nile, Lyme disease, Rocky Mountain spotted fever, Babesiosis, and many others. Mosquito control can not only keep your wedding day guests happy and comfortable, it will keep them safe as well.


Keep the uninvited guests away on your wedding day with Mosquito Squad of Mt. Laurel

Mosquito Squad of Mt. Laurel can make sure your special day stays special and a memory you and your other half can remember fondly for years to come. We specialize in outdoor events such as weddings, parties, bar-mitzvahs, bat-mitzvahs and even the everyday beauty  of being able to watch the sun go down on your deck without the worry of being bitten by mosquitoes. Mosquito Squad of Mt. Laurel uses safe and effective barrier sprays that are sprayed in regular scheduled intervals throughout the season to keep you and your family mosquito-free all season long. Our barrier sprays kill any mosquitoes present and prevents more from coming around. No more worrying, scratching, or dangerous and foul-smelling topical insecticides to apply. One call and Mosquito Squad of Mt. Laurel takes care of the rest. Our safe and effective barrier sprays and misting systems also kill ticks on contact as well.

Steve Pazienza owner of Mosquito Squad of Mount Laurel, NJ

If you are planning an upcoming outdoor event such as a wedding, party or bar/bat-mitzvah contact Mosquito Squad of Mt. Laurel to make sure mosquitoes don’t crash your celebration. We also offer mosquito and tick control for every special day in between.Mosquito Squad of Mt. Laurel also makes a great wedding gift for the happy couple as well, to carry that control and peace of mind home. Contact us today.

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Dread Skeeter mosquito control by Mosquito Squad of Mount Laurel

Mosquito Squad of Mt. Laurel kills mosquitoes.

It is the ever lingering question on many of our minds that seems to never offer a straight answer. Mosquitoes feed on our blood and during that feeding can ultimately infect their host with a number of insect-borne illnesses such as West Nile Virus, and a number of Encephalides just to name a few. AIDS in perspective is, a disease that is transmitted through body fluids, and blood is a body fluid. So the underlying question is can AIDS (Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome)  be transmitted through the bite of a mosquito that feeds on a person inflicted with the disease prior to feeding on you? Recent studies and  findings from Rutgers University Department of Entomology tell us no, it is not possible to catch the disease from a mosquito.

Rutgers University located right here in New Jersey is a strong presence in the fields of mosquito studies, research and mosquito education. Rutgers, through their research and elaborate study of the mosquito, have clearly demonstrated their commitment to the subject and now work in partnership with our great state in the prevention of mosquito-borne illnesses. Their Center for vector biology is quickly becoming a national and international known program in the studies of mosquito, tick and blackfly research.

An image of a female mosquito at dinnertime.

The recent study focuses on the reasons mosquitoes are unable to transmit AIDS to us. In order for a mosquito to possess the ability to transmit AIDS, the mosquito would have to ingest the virus particles and these particles would have to survive within the mosquito, and opportunistically increase in numbers. Then they would need to move to the mosquitoes salivary glands in order to initiate transmission. The mosquito would then have transmit the virus particles onto a host not infected with HIV through the salivary glands. This is an improbable and impossible function of the mosquito itself.  Studies have actually shown that mosquitoes digest the virus that causes AIDS, therefore, since the infectious agent must remain alive within the mosquito in order to be transferred to a second party, digestion of the virus halts any further transmission of the disease particles in their tracks.The digestive enzyme that is present within the mosquito’s stomach takes care of the virus and halts any further transmission of the cycle’s possibility of passing the virus onto the next host.  There are multiple scenarios within the study itself that end with the same finality that mosquitoes cannot transmit AIDS to a host through feeding. Contrary to some beliefs, the feeding apparatus of the mosquito does not mean the mosquito is a “flying hypodermic needle” transmitting disease everywhere it lands.  To read the study in its entirety you can visit, the article is informative and true to the facts.

Mosquito Squad of Mt. Laurel kills and prevents mosquitoes all season long

Mosquito Squad of Mt. Laurel has the utmost respect for the work being done at Rutgers and I have a personal connection with Rutgers’ work also. My beloved, late father-in-law, Leonard Bidwell was a professor at Rutgers University. Dr. Bidwell joined the faculty as an assistant  professor in 1962 and became an associate professor in 1967. He gave much of his life to Rutgers and the establishment gave him a great deal back through the pride and joy he felt in teaching his students. He enjoyed being a mathematics teacher at Rutgers University’s Camden Campus for 40 years. A colleague of Dr. Bidwell’s within the Rutgers-Camden math department, George Articolo said ” his first priority was to serve and nurture his students at all levels of mathematics”. Dr. Bidwell received an Outstanding Faculty Award in 1994 for his “commitment to excellence in the classroom”.

Steve Pazienza owner of Mosquito Squad of Mount Laurel, NJ

Contact Mosquito Squad of Mt. Laurel to learn more about our mosquito and tick prevention that will help keep you and your loved ones safe from illnesses and diseases such as West Nile, Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever and Lyme disease which have the ability to infect us through insect vectors such as mosquitoes and ticks.

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Dread Skeeter for Mosquito Squad

Dread Skeeter of Mosquito Squad tells Mosquitoes "bite me".

Would you pay about $3 a day to not have the worry of mosquitoes and ticks the entire season? For the same price as that fancy espresso latte’ you’re sipping on? The answer to most of us would be a undoubtedly YES.

Mosquito Squad of Mt. Laurel can spray your entire premise to ensure you stay mosquito and tick free this season by setting you up on our rotation to spray every 21 days throughout the entire season. We spray your entire perimeter each time we visit, not just the lawn, like many other companies do. We spray your mulch, ivy, bushes, around your deck, the lower part of all your trees and if you have a pool, we spray around that as well. If you have a garden we treat this area with our all natural spray. Mosquito Squad of Mt. Laurel does not spray your flowers and we are careful not to treat around any areas that have fish such as koi ponds. Mosquito Squad also never harms beneficial pollinators such as honeybees, we avoid treating areas that contain blossoms where those pollinators collect nectar and pollen.

Mosquito Squad of Mount Laurel uses the same active ingredient that is found in your lice shampoos and tick collars. Treatment is safe for your domesticated pets as long as they are not in the yard when we spray. Each treatment we apply will have a residual of 21 days, so staying on our rotation cycle during the spring and summer months can ensure you and your family’s happiness and reduces the risk of dangerous mosquitoes and ticks.

Children enjoying a mosquito and tick free backyard

Children enjoying a mosquito and tick free backyard

Children and pets usually spend more time outdoors, so they are more at risk of contracting a dangerous insect-borne illness such as Rocky Mountain spotted fever, Lyme disease, Encephalitis , Ehrlichiosis and heartworms in pets. These groups are more vulnerable as well for the illness to become life threatening.

The spray itself kills mosquitoes and ticks on contact and then the residue on the plants will kill the new mosquitoes and ticks that enter your yard. Our service is automatic, so you don’t have to think about it, or call for scheduling . As a matter of fact, our service is effortless and it probably won’t even cross your mind with the absence of mosquitoes biting you.

If you have special circumstances that put you at risk for tick exposure such as property adjacent to the woods, property that contains a wood fence, property which has dense ground covering or dense trees and shrubbery, property which contains a brush, wood or compost pile and pets that are allowed outdoors, talk to your Mosquito Squad of Mt. Laurel representative about special safety measures that can help reduce tick exposure.

Mosquito Squad kills mosquitoes dead

Mosquito Squad kills mosquitoes dead

Mosquito Squad’s solution is registered by the EPA ( Environmental Protection Agency), and has been deemed safe. If you are ready to be mosquito and tick free this season, give Mosquito Squad of Mt. Laurel a call today to get the ball rolling for a safe and pleasantly bite free season.(856) 793 – 2377  or email us at

Dread Skeeter mosquito control by Mosquito Squad of Mount Laurel

Dread Skeeter mosquito control by Mosquito Squad of Mount Laurel

Have you ever heard the old saying “if you can’t beat them, join them”? That is exactly what I did when I was searching for a company here in Mount Laurel to treat my lawn and yard for ticks. I have a natural wetland in my backyard and this area is not only a nirvana for mosquitoes but also for ticks because of the long grass that are common in a wetland setting.

I know first hand about the dangers of ticks, and especially the tick-borne illness’ that can inflict us. I suffered from Rocky Mountain spotted Fever a few years ago and didn’t catch it on time and now suffer permanent ramifications from the illness. Then again last year I thought I had another tick bite. Initially my physician did not take me seriously about the possibility of having another tick-borne illness. When my doctor finally tested me I was diagnosed with Ehrlichiosis.  Ehrlichiosis ( pronounced err-lick-ee-o-sis) is a bacterial infection  found all over the U.S. that is spread by the lone star tick, deer tick and the dog tick.

When the second illness was confirmed I had already been on weekly injections for five and a half years for the rocky mountain spotted fever. The rocky mountain spotted fever had already progressed to chronic by the time it was caught. The ehrlichiosis was transitioning to chronic when it was diagnosed but was caught early enough to treat with antibiotics. The rocky mountain spotted fever, along with the weekly injections to keep the disease in check have made it difficult for me to live in the manner I always had. Five years ago I ran a triathlon and now I cannot even run. The disease has also caused inflammation of my large joints and without the injections there are some days I can’t even take my hands above my head. My life has changed dramatically from the active lifestyle I had previously before these tick-borne illness’ invaded my body and life.The long term prognosis is frustratingly unknown as well, with side effects such as lymphoma , memory loss and loss of energy.

After the diagnosis of both the rocky mountain spotted fever and the ehrlichiosis I searched in vain for a company to treat my lawn and yard area for ticks. After an exhaustive search, I decided to buy a company that could properly treat for ticks, so I started Mosquito Squad of Mount Laurel. I spray our garlic spray in my wetland and garden area  to help keep the ticks and the deer that carry the infected ticks at bay, I then spray the main property on a regular basis with our barrier spray.

Steve Pazienza owner of Mosquito Squad of Mount Laurel, NJ

Mosquito Squad has made a huge difference for me. I am proud to own the Mosquito Squad of Mount Laurel. Now there is a reliable source for controlling ticks and mosquitoes in our New Jersey community. I know first hand the ill effects ticks can bring to our lives, therefore I am committed to helping all our customers stay tick free and educating them on the reality of ticks. Give us a call and we can discuss keeping your living areas safe and insect free this season. (856) 793 – 2377