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The Pazienza family

The Pazienza family

The joys of living in a small, close-knit town are limitless. As in any town, or city most often times people know you by your name and by your chosen profession. Here in Moorestown, N.J. things are no different. Being a close-knit town is one of the things we love about calling it our home. But, sometimes, we aren’t just known as the Pazienza family, sometimes we are….

The mosquito man and the back lady!

I know it sounds like the title of an action packed comic with two super heroes to take on the dastardly deeds of the inevitable bad guy. The truth is when Sylvia and I go out somewhere, we usually end up getting a report on mosquito activity and a report on people’s backs, and usually within the same afternoon. I love Moorestown because it is a small town and Sylvia and I love hearing from our customers and dear friends about how they’re doing whether this may include bug life or their spine health. My wonderful wife Sylvia owns Bidwell Chiropractics, and I own Mosquito Squad of Mt. Laurel, both of which make for rather interesting dinner conversation.

This weekend we enjoyed the Art walk in Moorestown before enjoying dinner at the Healthy Gardens restaurant on Main Street in Moorestown. We had a nice meal, in a really great family friendly environment, with a lot of healthy menu options. All in all it was a great day filled with family time and getting the opportunity to take in the local art, cuisine and  talk with our friends and neighbors about the business of backs and bugs.

Steve Pazienza owner of Mosquito Squad of Mount Laurel, NJ

Mosquito Squad of Mt. Laurel is proud to serve our hometown of Moorestown and surrounding areas, if you would like to learn more contact me at (856) 793 – 2377 • email:


Mosquito Squad of Mt. Laurel kills and prevents mosquitoes all season long

You know there are a couple of points in all of our lives where we finally find the answer to something and when we find that answer we can’t believe we let that something  go on for so many years when the solution seemed to be so easy. It’s almost as though you are thirsty and after much suffering you then realize that you were sitting atop of a well all along. Mosquito control and prevention is easier than you may think. With Mosquito Squad of Mt. Laurel the answer to living a mosquito free ( that also means mosquito-bite free) life is right at your fingertips with the application of our safe and effective barrier sprays.

These children are enjoying a backyard that is mosquito free

Mosquito Squad  of Mt. Laurel takes mosquito control to a new level of hassle free, worry free, and bite free enjoyment. We apply our safe and effective barrier spray to your property at scheduled intervals throughout the season to keep you and your family safe and happy all season long.  Once you have Mosquito Squad of Mt. Laurel taking care of your mosquito control, it spoils you. Once you go to someone else’s yard that doesn’t use Mosquito Squad and have to deal with the mosquitoes and bites, it frustrates you.  Read these testimonials from some of our customers to see how using Mosquito Squad of Mt. Laurel has changed the quality of outdoor time for them and their families…

” I watch children as a care provider and recently received a gift of Mosquito Squad from one of my clients. I couldn’t be happier, now all of our kids are bite free”

Tina M. of Merchantville

” I have a very active child who like to play outdoors with his friends frequently. I know that mosquitoes are attracted to the CO2 which is emitted with physical activity, so my son is a prime target with his love of physical activity. My son can now venture outdoors and play to his heart’s content. He and his friends no longer come back in from playing covered in welts from the mosquito bites they once endured thanks to Mosquito Squad of Mt. Laurel”.

Amy B. from Moorestown
Moorestown Business Association

“It’s so nice to see the kids going out again and not coming in with all the welts”.

Ted F. from Moorestown

Mosquito Squad of Mt. Laurel spraying your property with our safe and effective barrier spray

Mosquito Squad of Mt. Laurel spraying your property with our safe and effective barrier spray

We realize that you cannot ensure that everyone’s property that you visit throughout the season is protected by Mosquito Squad of Mt. Laurel, but experiencing it is believing. Tell your loved ones and friends about the excellent protection and the joy of living mosquito free. Just like a picture is worth 1000 words, so is experience. Mosquito Squad of Mt. Laurel would also make a wonderful gift for that special someone in your life. From retired parents who enjoy working their gardens and are constantly being bitten, to your child care provider which enjoys taking the kids into the back yard to swing and tell stories in the afternoon. Nature and the outdoors have too much to offer to spend the summer months within the confines of your home to avoid the mosquitoes.

Steve Pazienza owner of Mosquito Squad of Mount Laurel, NJ

Go ahead, go out and smell the flowers, grill out, have a backyard picnic, set up the volleyball net and take in every detail that the season has to offer, when you have Mosquito Squad of Mt. Laurel, the rest is child’s play. Contact us today to learn more (856) 793 – 2377